Jesse C. Harrington is a sculptor, specializing in stone and wood carving. He lives and works in Birchrunville, Pennsylvania.  He graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2004 where his studies mainly revolved around advancing his knowledge of the figure. Jesse has taught Sculpture and Carving at Allens Lane Art Center and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

Jesse’s work is largely influenced by his father Robert Harrington, who is an artist specializing in wood furniture and watercolors.  Robert, an accomplished woodworker, artist and draftsman; helped to instill Jesse with a drive to be as proficient as possible in the craft and technical side of his endeavors as well as in the artistic side of his profession. This drive has brought Jesse to the belief that the fundamental nature of Art is to transcend a craft in the search of personal truth, and in so doing, create beauty through Art. Growing up in his fathers wood shop and working on farms, gave Jesse a predilection for hard physical labor. This predilection is what eventually brought Jesse to Sculpture. Though sculpture he was able to combine his love of physical labor with the mind of a daydreamer.

Jesse believes that Art is a form of meditation. His work is often dreamlike and sensuous. The figure is central to his meditations, no matter the overriding theme, the subject of the figure gives the artist a doorway into the landscape of his own thoughts and ideologies. He believes that Art is an active form of meditation that leads one to a greater truth and clarity in both ones inner and outer worlds.

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